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The view looking north over Rubha Fiola island from the summit of Lunga at sunset

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Doing it in style!

Locally sourced home-cooked food

Homely, rustic accommodation in an idyllic setting

Off-grid water straight from our very own 'holy' well

100% renewable off-grid power

Good mobile reception



All of our courses are provided with a twin shared room in our wooden framed buildings. Simple, clean, and rustic.

Our main house is the heart of The Island. Returning to a log fire and the smell of home-cooked food. It is the perfect place to hang out.

For group bookings or those on a budget, we also have a bunkroom available.

Fall Salad


All our courses are fully catered, making it easy for you to just turn up.

Our resident chef "Mollie" can cater to your every need. Dietary requirements?

Let us know and we've got you covered.

Wherever possible, we use locally sourced food, forage on the island or grow our own produce.



As we are not connected to the mainland, all of our water is collected from a natural spring right here on Lunga.

It was blessed by St Columba back in the 5th century when he first came to Scotland and it has flowed ever since.

After collection, is passes through our filters and UV system (all solar powered) to ensure it is safe to drink.

Its like water, only better!

Energy Efficiency Consultation


As we aren't connected to mainland power, we use a combination of solar panels and windmills to provide electricity.

The best time to charge appliances is during the day when the sun is out so it's a good idea to bring a power pack with you to top up your phone at night.

Mobile phone reception is good on most networks.

More about our island

The most accessible remote holidays in Scotland


Sky, sea, sunsets and islands


Immerse yourself in nature


Take a journey back in time

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Where are we?

All our courses and getaways start from Easdale on the Isle of Seil. Just 40 minutes south of Oban, it's an easy option to drive.

Another great option is to travel by train into Oban. The Caledonian sleeper service can help you journey from London overnight. Taxis are easy to take from Oban to Easdale.


From Easdale, we blast across the Sound of Luing to The Island by powerboat.

adam view N.jpg

Whats here?

The Island is made up of a cluster of 5 islands that inter-connect at low tide. There are pathways for walking, sheltered areas for swimming and caves for having an evening fire whilst you watch the sunset.

It is a wild place with strong tides and untamed land so we encourage you to take the time to learn about living safely alongside nature.



We share The Island and its surrounding waters with a host of different wildlife.


Deer graze the land and swim between islands, sea birds chase the fishing boats, dolphins play in the rapids of the tides, and eagles soar overhead and nest on the cliffs.

Every day is different, what will you share your time here with?

arty slate.jpg


The local area is steeped in history. The local slate quarries and the island of Belnahuha used to be the main industry in the area. Instead, tourists now come to visit and compete in the stone-skimming championships.

To the west, Holy Isle still has  several beehive monestary cells dating back to the 5th century when christianity was first brought over from Ireland.

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