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This 4-day course is suited to competent sea kayakers who are comfortable in advanced conditions. You must be happy paddling in a sea state 3, have a fitness level to cover a distance of 15-20km per day and have some experience kayaking in moving water. You should have previous experience of self and peer rescue techniques in moderate conditions.



Course content


The course is designed to provide an environment where you can paddle in  more challenging conditions. I will help give you the confidence to push yourself and try new things.  We will spend some time in some of the local tide races. Such as the Cuan sound, Greydogs, Sound of Luing and Falls of Lora.  If there is the opportunity to play in some waves and swell we will do this too.  The course is designed to search out challenges as you take an active part in planning and decision making throughout the week.


  • Launching and landing in challenging environments
  • Boat control in strong winds
  • Develop efficient forward paddling technique
  • Playing in tidal streams
  • Safety and rescue in ‘real-life’ conditions
  • Group management and leadership skills
  • Route planning to make the most of the tide, wind and waves
  • Explore the local area, paddle in iconic tide-races
  • Practice in different locations and search out advanced conditions


If you're not sure if you are the right level for this course then please get in touch.


The slate isles has some of the most exiciting waters on the west coast, it's a playground for a sea kayaker and I look forward to showing you around. 


This is course is based from Oban. Accommodation is not included. 



Oban, 4 Day - Sea kayaking in the tide

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