All accommodation, all meals, kayak tuition, equipment, and power boat trips to and from the Island are inluded in this price.



Who's it for?


This 5-day course is suited to competent sea kayakers who are comfortable in advanced conditions. You must be happy paddling in a sea state 4, have a fitness level to cover a distance of 20-25km per day and have some experience kayaking in moving water. You should have previous experience of self and peer rescue techniques in moderate conditions.



Course content


The course is designed to provide an environment where you can paddle in challenging conditions with the confidence to push yourself and try new things. We schedule all these courses for the biggest of spring tides to make the most of the conditions on our doorstep. There will be a huge scope for learning in the local tide races, wind, waves and swell. We will search out challenges as you take an active part in planning and decision making throughout the week.


  • Launching and landing in challenging environments
  • Boat control in strong winds
  • Develop efficient forward paddling technique
  • Playing in tidal streams
  • Safety and rescue in ‘real-life’ conditions
  • Group management and leadership skills
  • Route planning to make the most of the tide, wind and waves
  • Explore the local area, paddle in iconic tide-races
  • Practice in different locations and search out advanced conditions


We have some of the most challenging waters on the west coast right at our doorstep, we look forward to showing you around. Depending on conditions, we might launch and land at different areas on the islands around the area. 





The exact itinerary is open to change but we have included an example itinerary below. We have years of experience of living on an island and adapt what we do to the weather conditions and tides.


Sunday - Arrive at Easdale and travel to The Island by powerboat. Welcome meal and chat.

Monday - Sea kayak day paddle with a focus on progressing the skills and techniques you already have, ready to develop further. Finishing the day with a recap of rescue techniques.

Tuesday - Day paddle with a focus on searching out challenging conditions in the tide or swell. A ’play’ session in one of the local tide-races, applying rescue skills in moving water.

Wednesday - A long journey day with an iconic trip around Scarba or out to the Garvellachs.

Thursday - Kayak skill development and journey day. Practice is an important part of learning. Consolidating your skills with a journey you have planned is an important part of this course.

Friday – Another tide race play session to apply all you have learnt throughout the week, followed by a journey back to the Isle of Seil for departure by 5pm.


5 Day - Sea kayak - Pushing the limits

    • Accommodation in twin shared room.
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. (arrival dinner is also included on the Sunday night)
    • Kayak/ activity instruction each day
    • Boat transport to and from the island
    • Use of all relevant equipment for sea kayaking (Kayaks, paddles, spray decks, buoyancy aids, cags (waterproof jacket), long-john wetsuits, small dry bags.