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Who's it for?


This 4-day course is based from Oban.

It is perfect for people who are intermediate sea kayakers, who would like to develop their skills in a more challenging environment.

It will allow for journeying opportunities and the chance to explore one of Scotland finest landscapes.


There is no camping included, these are just day trips to allow the best locations for the weather forecast. 


There is no accommodation included.


It is not neccessary to have your own transport or your own equipment. 



Course content


During the course, participants will learn intermediate paddling techniques, such as bracing and edging, to enhance their stability and control in choppy water conditions. They will also learn how to navigate in a sea kayak, including using a chart, compass, and GPS, as well as how to read the weather and make informed decisions about their route.

In addition to these technical skills, participants will also learn about trip planning and safety, including risk assessment, group management, and self-rescue techniques.



  • Launching and landing from rocky shores or in small surf
  • Boat control and paddling techniques in the wind and tide
  • Safety and rescue training in force 3 winds
  • Becoming a competent member of a group
  • Route planning, tides and weather
  • Exploring the local area
  • Practicing in different locations and conditions


Pre- requisites 


The course id geared to those that have completed a few intro's, or at least 8 days of paddling. It's for people who would like to plan and paddle more commiting journeys. 


Being able to roll is not essential, but being able to rescue is very helpful.



Oban, 4 Day Intermediate


    • Insulating layers to paddle in, fleece or wool but not cotton
    • Insulated jacket & waterproof jacket
    • Sun hat/cap to paddle in
    • Sunglasses
    • Sun cream
    • Wooly hat/buff for colder days
    • Vacuum flask & water bottle
    • Packed lunch
    • Footwear to kayak in, old trainers, wetsuit boots or closed sandals
    • Swimwear, (optional)
    • Some snacks for paddling
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